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The Homegrown Music Concerts Series on Public TV

After over more than a quarter-century on Public Radio, the Homegrown Music series has become a regular feature of Public television (WVIA-TV/44) in a weekly series, videotaped a monthly live radio concerts on WVIA-FM. No fancy or pretentious music video effects, just great performances captured live as broadcast on the radio.

Airdates on WVIA-TV:
  • #1001: 10/8/2009 9:00 PM, 10/11/2009 11:00 PM
  • #1002: 10/15/2009 9:00 PM, 10/18/2009 11:00 PM
  • #1003: 10/22/2009 9:00 PM, 10/24/2009 11:00 PM
  • #1004: 10/29/2009 9:00 PM, 10/31/2009 11:00 PM
  • WVIA-TV broadcast times:
    Thursdays at 9:00 PM, repeated Saturdays at 11:00 PM
    The Homegrown Music Concerts are now also broadcast daily on WVIA-DT2 (channel 41 digital) Monday through Friday at 4:00 PM.

    Produced by George Graham, Video direction by Richard Briggs, Gerry Coleman (series 1), Jim Frushon, Jim Langan, and Kim Herron, Chris Sheerer, and Kathryn Davies (series 7), Greg Brown (series 8). Audio by Bret Alexander (series 8 and 9), Rob Knecht, Roberta Steadele, Julia Knaus (series 2 and 3), Debbie Makara (series 1) and the late Bruce Stedron (series 1 and 2).

    Series 10
    In High Definition, with some programs in Dolby Suround.

    Series 9

    Series 7

    • #701: Aztec Two-Step. This legendary folk duo formed around 1971, and Neal Schulman and Rex Fowler have been making great music ever since, picking up generations of fans around the world. In this Homegrown Music concert, they perform a collection of some of their fine new songs, along with a few of their classics. (Recorded October 18, 2004)
      Neal Schulman, Rex Fowler: guitars and vocals
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    • #702: The Roamin' Gabriels. A great funky fusion band led by Lehigh Valley keyboard man Len Mooney, and including the Bill Miller, the Editor in Chief of Modern Drummer Magazine, the Roamin' Gabriels serve up a great collection of original music, along with some creative reworkings of existing songs. (Recorded November 22, 2004)
      Len Mooney: keyboards, vocals
      Kevin Siebold: guitar and banjo
      Bill Miller: drums and percussion
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    • #703: Cantinero. Headed by British expatriate Christopher Hicken, Cantinero (Hicken's nickname earned from his years as a bartender), this first rate group performs sophisticated music that borrows influences as diverse as the Beatles and Art Rock to the contemporary techno scene. Cantinero have been attracting national attention with features on NPR and national cable TV channels. Recorded February 21, 2005
      Christopher Hicken: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
      Matt Beck: guitar
      Tom Bright: guitar
      Becca Schack: keyboards
      Paul Ogonsalu: bass
      Paul Garisto: drums
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    • #704: David Cullen / Wayne Scott Farley. Two distinctive guitar virtuosos from the Lehigh Valley are seen in separate performances. The classically trained David Cullen is fairly a regular guest on Homegrown Music and returns with a new collection of his genre-crossing instrumental music performed on nylon-string guitar with some electronic enhancement. (Recorded May 10, 2004) Wayne Scott Farley specializes in 12-string guitars, both electric and acoustic, demonstrating very impressive technique. He is also a fine singer-songwriter who creates thoughtful lyrics. (Recorded January 17, 2005)
      David Cullen: acoustic guitar
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      Wayne Scott Farley: 12-string electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
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    • #705: Plus 3. One of Northeastern Pennsylvania's brightest up-and-coming rock bands, this quartet create infectious music strong on melody and appealing vocals. (Recorded February 17, 2004)
      Mike Krakoski: acoustic guitar, vocals
      Mike Evans: electric guitar, vocals
      Ron Scavone: bass
      Rick Carr: drums
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    • #706: Coleman and Austin Smith with the Doug Smith Trio. Coleman and Austin Smith are sibling violinists living in the Scranton area, and they perform everything from Western Swing to jazz standards. They are joined by their cousin jazz bassist Doug Smith, a Homegrown Music regular, for a great hour that shows how much fun a pair of fiddles can be. (Recorded April 25, 2005)
      Coleman Smith, Austin Smith: violins
      Doug Smith: acoustic bass
      Jim Watich: piano
      R.J. Kennedy: drums
      with Diane Cuzo: vocals
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    • #707: Kenny Young and the Eggplants / Carla Ulbrich. It's an hour of very funny songs from witty and astute songwriters. Kenny Young creates songs about badminton-playing badgers and mutant superhero frogs, among other things. (Recorded September 23, 2003) Carla Ulbrich takes a humorous look at many subjects, including her own bout with serious illness. (Recorded November 22, 2004)
      Kenny Young: guitar, vocals
      Gil Shuster: bass
      Eddie Logue: drums
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      Carla Ulbrich: guitar and vocals
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    • #708: Dan Pelletier. From Upstate New York, pianist and songwriter Dan Pelletier is a wonderful storyteller in song. He manages to cast a new light on some familiar subjects, sometimes helping to bring a smile to poignant situations. (Recorded October 18, 2004)
      Dan Pelletier: piano, and vocals
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    • #709: Naked Blue. A fine folk-rock group led by Jen and Scott Smith who have been together since the late 1980s. Their music combines fine vocals and intelligent songs with and an infectious energy level. Recorded March 28, 2005
      Jen Smith: guitar, lead vocals
      Scott Smith: guitar, vocals
      Glenn Workman: keyboards
      Mike Davis: bass
      Mark St. Pierre: drums

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    • #710: The Blind Chitlin Kahunas. From the Lewisburg, PA, area, this blues power trio was the winner of the 2004 Billtown Blues Festival Challenge, and this concert shows why. With many uears of playing the blues in their respective backgrounds, the Kahunas combine a no-nonsense approach to the music with impressive musicianship. Recorded May 23, 2005
      Kimbo Reichley: bass, vocals
      Chris Bovard: guitar, vocals
      Rod Bower: drums
      with special guest: Ann Rabson: piano
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    • #711: Paso Fino. Paso Fino, hailing from Upstate New York, is distinctive acoustic quintet drawing on folk and world music influences in their enjoyable original music. Featuring a founding member of the popular roots band Donna the Buffalo, Paso Fino features strong vocal harmonies and distinctive percussion instruments. Recorded January 17, 2005
      Diana Anderson: vocals
      Shane Lanphear: guitar
      Jim Armstrong, Nick Papdor: percussion
      Kristin Sharkey: vocals

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    • #712: The Reese Project. This eclectic Central PA instrumental group includes flute, cello and organ, in their instrumentation. They return to Homegrown Music for their most energetic performance yet. Their material includes everything from Bach to electrified Celtic to blues, with a remarkable virtuostic performance by cellist Laurie Haines Reese. Recorded April 25, 2005
      Tom Reese: flute
      Laurie Haines Reese: cello
      Jake Thro: keyboards
      Aaron Walker: drums
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    • #713: Ann Rabson. A founder of Saffire the Uppity Blueswomen, pianist, guitarist and blues singer extroardinaire puts in a memorable performance of her great, often "sassy" original songs, along with her strong boogie-woogie style piano work. Recorded May 23, 2005
      Ann Rabson: piano and vocals
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    Series 6

    • #601: The Eric Doney Band featuring Vicki Doney and the One Flight Up Horns. Some of the Poconos' finest jazz musicians get together to perform an energetic set of rock, blues and soul. This group is an annual feature of the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts, and because of the busy schedules of the musicians involved, rare gets a chance to perform outside of the Festival. This was one of those rare performances, with superb musicianship and high-energy music. (Recorded June 14, 2004)
      Eric Doney: piano, vocals, musical director
      Vicki Doney: vocals
      Marko Marcinko: drums
      Tony Marino: electric bass
      Tom Hamilton: tenor sax
      Jim Buckley: baritone sax
      Ken Brader III: trumpet
      Rick Chamberlain: trombone

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    • #602: Samite with David Cullen. One of the most acclaimed World Music artists on the scene, Ugandan-born Samite has been attracting audiences in the US since the late 1980s. Playing modified kalimba (thumb piano), percussion and flute, Samite plays music that incorporates African folk sounds as well as spanning cultures. Now that he is based in nearby Upstate New York, we are pleased that Samite is part of the rich regional music scene. He is joined by another nationally acclaimed artist, guitarist David Cullen for several pieces, in this fascinating and instantly appealing performance. (Recorded May 10, 2004)
      Samite Mulondo: kalimba, percussion, flute
      David Cullen: acoustic guitar
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    • #603: The Gerry and Adam Niewood Quintet. Saxophonist Gerry Niewood is known to millions for his work as a member of Chuck Mangione's popular group, as well as for his performances with artists like Paul Simon. Niewood's son Adam is carrying on the family's musical tradition and is an outstanding saxophonist in his own right. The first time the father and son ever recorded together was for the Homegrown Music radio series in 2001. They have since been performing together fairly regularly, and this concert features the duo in fine form. They are joined by a swinging all-star quintet, including Grammy-winning drummer Bill Goodwin of the Phil Woods group. (Recorded October 21, 2003)
      Gerry Niewood: tenor, soprano sax
      Adam Niewood: tenor sax
      Craig Kastelnik: organ
      Joe Battaglia: guitar
      Bill Goodwin: drums
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    • #604: We're About 9 and The Kennedys. We're About Nine is a delightful young eclectic folk trio who are wonderful example of how the younger generation is indeed carrying on doing articulate folk music with outstanding vocal harminies, while putting their own stamp on the music with almost all new original material. Their CD was featured on the Mixed Bag Weekly Album Review, and this performance proves the band is as fine in live performance as their CD. Pete and Maura Kennedy are on of the more popular acts on the folk festival and coffeehouse scene nationally. The husband-wife duo also create original music that carries on the folk and folk-rock tradition with catchy songs, great vocal harmonies and impressive acoustic guitar work. (Both sets recorded January 13, 2004)
      We're About Nine:
      Brian Gundersdorf: guitar, vocals
      Katie Graybeal: bass, vocals
      Pat Klink: guitar, vocals

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      The Kennedys:
      Pete Kennedy: guitar, vocals
      Maura Kennedy: guitar, vocals
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    • #605: Bill Mays. With a long and distinguished career as one of the most in-demand jazz pianists, Mays now makes his home in nearby Pike County, PA. Mays has the distinction of being one of the few musicians to have performed with both Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa. He makes a memorable solo performance that runs from jazzed-up Bach to original compositions. (Recorded March 23, 2004)
      Bill Mays: piano
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    • #606: Jack Hardy. On of the most respected folk singer-songwriters, Hardy has a lengthy career as both an artist and as founder of Fast Folk Musical Magazine, and as leader of a regular singer-songwriter circle whose graduates include Suzanne Vega, Lyle Lovett, John Gorka and many others. A long-time friend of Homegrown Music since the early 1980s, Hardy returns to the series and performs a collection of entirely brand-new as-yet-unrecorded songs. Recorded November 11, 2003)
      Following Jack Hardy's performance, an encore featuring Heidi Muller will be featured, with songs from her January 2003 performance not included in program #504.
      Jack Hardy: guitar and vocal

      Heidi Muller: guitar, autoharp, vocals

    • #607: Dave's True Story. This nationally-acclaimed group founded by Dave Kantor and Kelly Flint defies ready categorization. Their music is jazzy and often very witty lyrically, with Ms. Flint serving as the perfect chanteuse but they have been finding receptive audiences on the folk music scene. With several CDs under their belt, their Homegrown Music performance shows the group's critical acclaim is well-earned. (Recorded April 12, 2004)
      Dave Cantor: guitar
      Kelly Flint: vocals
      Jeff Eyrich: bass
      Rich Zukor: drums
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    • #608: The Dharma Bums / The Brilliant Mistakes. Two distinctive rock band are featured in this program. The Dharma Bums are the creation of Scranton-area guitarist and composer Neil Nicastro. He put together an interesting group with different lead vocalists on practially every piece. The music's influences include jazz-rock fusion and funk. (Recorded November 11, 2003)
      The Brilliant Mistakes are a band whose original music is steeped in the traditions of the Bealtes, with upbeat melodies and appealing vocal harmonies. They have releases two nationally acclaimed CDs. (Recorded September 23, 2003)
      The Dharma Bums:
      Neil Nicastro: guitar, composer
      Tyrone King: keyboards
      "Iggy": bass
      Matt Smallcomb: drums
      Vocalists: Rodney Godinez, Tyone King, Charles Havira, Aaron Bruch, Aaron Brown, Krysten Montgomery

      The Brilliant Mistakes:
      Alan Walker: piano, vocal
      Erik Philbrook: bass, vocals
      Phil Masseri: drums
      John Putnam: guitar
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    • #609: John Coates. For over 40 years, John Coates has come to define the Pocono Jazz scene. His brilliant performances at the Deer Heed Inn have influenced generations of jazz musicians, including Keith Jarrett. Coates is largely responsible for attracting so many jazz musicians to the region. His piano artistry remains remarkable, as can be heard in this performance that ranges from jazz standards to a haunting, almost rhaposdic version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Recorded October 21, 2003
      John Coates: piano
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    • #610: Swearingen-Beedle. The Lehigh-Valley-based acoustic folk duo of A.J. Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle are another group to carry on the great tradition of 1960s-influenced folk singer-songwriters. The specialize in the tight two-part vocal harmonies in the Simon and Garfunkel tradition, with outstanding original compositions by both. (Recorded April 12, 2004)
      A.J. Swearingen: guitar, vocals
      Jonathan Beedle: vocals, guitar
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    • #611: Marko Marcinko Quartet. Drummer, composer and arranger Marko Marcinko has been ubiquitous on Homegrown Music, as a member both the innovative jazz group of Davis Liebman and as a member of the rock band Bent Blue. His career also included a stint with Maynard Ferguson's band, and collaborations with scores of world-class jazz musicians. For a change, he leads his own group, putting in a fine performance of straight ahead jazz with some outstanding Poconos musicians. (Recorded March 23, 2004)
      Marko Marcinko: drums
      Tom Hamilton: sax
      Bill Washer: guitar
      Paul Rostock: bass
      Click Here for Photo

    • #612: Van Wagner. Danville, PA -based Van Wagner is one of the region's finest folk-style singer-songwriter. His topics range from serious social commentary to history to just plain fun. A personable performer, at a fairly young age, he already has a facinating background with stints as a coal miner in one of the last remaining deep mines in NE PA, and a logger in Idaho, as he worked toward his master's degree. He is now teaching high-school. His experiences and observations form the backbone of his literate, astute original songs. Recorded February 7, 2004>
      Van Wagner: guitar, harmonica, vocals
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    • #613: The Frank and Joe Show. Jazz guitar virtuoso Frank Vignola and percussionist Joe Ascione have been long-time musical co-horts, playing together in a wide variety of settings from old-time swing to organ combos. This distinctive group with two guitars, bass and three percussionsts hints at a kind of electrified Django Reinhardt "Gypsy jazz" style while drawing on music ranging from Mozart to old songs from Western movies, with some Doobie Brothers and Latin jazz thrown in for good measure. The level of musicianship is truly remarkable, as is the eclecticism and downright good fun that the group projects in this memorable performance. (Recorded June 14, 2004)
      Frank Vignola: lead guitar
      Joe Ascione: lead percussion
      Ken Smith: rhythm guitar
      Gary Mazzaroppi: bass
      Chuck Ferrugia: percussion
      Rich Zukor: percussion
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    Series 5

    Series 4
    • #401: Homegrown Music 25th Anniversary Concert Homegrown Music began as a weekly radio series on WVIA in 1976. In the fall of 2001, a number of artists who have been appearing on the series for 25 years got together for a musical celebration of Homegrown Music. Guests included George Wesley, Tim McGurl, Cat & the Fiddle, Leo Schott and Don Shappelle. (Recorded 12/10/2001)
    • #402: Second Left (recorded 5/15/2001)
    • #403: Steve Brosky (recorded 5/21/2001) and Pete Palladino (recorded 3/27/2001)
    • #404: Bent Blue (recorded 3/19/2002) and Porter (recorded 2/12/2002)
    • #405: Doug Smith's Dixieland All-Stars (recorded 4/17/2001)
    • #406: The Cellarbirds (recorded 6/26/2001) and Jabberpony (recorded 5/21/2002)
    • #407: David Cullen (recorded 5/15/2001) and The WIlkins & Allen Quartet (recorded 4/17/2001)
    • #408: The Alice Project (recorded 1/22/2002)
    • #409: Erik Balkey (recorded 3/19/2002) and the Fish Altieri Duo (recorded 1/22/2002)
    • #410: Cropduster Artists, including Amanda Thorpe, Bob Perry Band and Stephanie Seymour & Birdy (recorded 11/16/2000)
    • #411: John Train (recorded 6/25/2002) and Gladshot (recorded 6/25/2002)
    • #412: New Gathering of Singer-Songwriters with Bret Alexander, Lee Feldman, Too Human and Don Shappelle (recorded 2/13/2001)
    • #413: Ron Sunshine with the George Gee Big Band. (recorded 7/30/2002)

      Series 3
    • #301: The Bobby Syvarth Combo. Appealing folky-jazzy acoustic music from the Poconos. (Recorded 6/20/2000)
      Bobby Syvarth: guitar, vocals
      Dan Myers: sax
      Carey Harmon: drums, vocals
      Mark Covell: bass
      Michael Fossa: piano

    • #302: Vyktoria Pratt Keating/Joy Eden Harrison. Two oustanding and distinctive singer-songwriters. Ms. Keating (recorded 7/18/2000) toured with and opened for Jethro Tull, while Ms. Harrison (recorded 6/20/2000) brings a uniquely jazzy approach to her songs.

      Vyktoria Pratt Keating: guitar, vocals

      Joy Eden Harrison: guitar,vocals
      with: Mark Covell: bass; Michael Fossa: piano on "Yellow"

    • #303: Dick Fawcett. Not a person, but a popular, but short-lived band from the Scranton area. This much-requested 1998 live performance features superb musicianship by a blue-chip gathering of regional players. (Recorded 9/1/1998)
      LeRoy Pelicci: piano, vocals
      Neil Nicastro: guitar
      Nick Driscoll: sax
      Mark Covell: bass
      Pat Marcinko: drums

    • #304: Johnny DeFrancesco Power Trio. Philadelphia blues guitar virtuoso, and brother of jazz organ great Joey DeFrancesco, Johnny DeFrancesco and his trio serve up high-energy blues. (Recorded 5/9/2000)
      Johnny DeFrancesco: guitar, vocals
      Paul Klinefelter: bass
      Glenn Farricone: drums

    • #305: Michael Jerling/Tim Farrell. Called a songwriter's songwriter, Upstate New Yorker Jerling is known for his witty but perceptive songs, and appealingly warm performing style. He is joined by bassist Tony Markellis. (Recorded 3/28/2000) Philadelphian Tim Farrell is nationally known as an acoustic folk and New Age style guitar stylist. He performs original instrumentals, and sings humorous songs. (Recorded 9/1/1998)
      Michael Jerling: acoustic guitar, vocals
      Tony Markellis: bass

      Tim Farrell: guitar, vocals

    • #306: Lisa Moscatiello. A remarkable singer with an eclectic stytlistic range, Ms. Moscatiello performs music ranging from jazzy to Celtic. She is joined by renowned Celtic harpist Sue Richards and cellist Fred Lieder. (Recorded 9/29/2000). Also a humorous story and song from Scranton native, actress and sonstress Mary Ellen Bernard (Recorded 7/18/2000)
      Lisa Moscatiello: guitar, vocals
      Sue Richards: Celtic harp
      Fred Lieder: cello

      Mary Ellen Bernard: vocals
      Paul Guzzone: guitar

    • #307: Teddy Young and the Aces. After making his Homegrown Music debut as teenage blues guitar prodigy, Young has matured into an experienced artist, having toured with some of the blues greats. He performs a set with his own quartet, playing blues from red-hot to laid-back. (Recorded 3/27/2001)
      Teddy Young: guitars, vocals
      Rob Fenstermaker: bass
      Bill Gardner: drums
      Eric Dutko: guitar

    • #308: The David Liebman Group. World-renowned jazz saxophonist Liebman has recorded close to 80 albums, written 10 books and performed and taught around the world. The Stroudsburg, PA resident returns to his home area for this wide-ranging concert with his Grammy-nominated group. (Recorded 2/1/2000)
      David Liebman: sax, woodwinds, percussion
      Vic Juris: guitar
      Tony Marino: bass
      Jamey Haddad: drums

    • #309: Rick Sirota. Long a musical staple from the Lehigh Valley, Sirota is usually heard as a "sideman" usually playing bass. But he is an outstanding singer-songwriter, and is spotlighted in a fine solo performance of his articulate songs. (Recorded 10/12/1999). Also, two songs from the fine Poconos acoustic duo of Kate Jordan & C.J. McKenna. (Recorded 9/25/2001)
      Rick Sirota: guitar and vocal

      Kate & CJ:
      Kate Jordan: guitar, vocal
      C.J. McKenna: guitar, vocal, harmonica

    • #310: Reese Brothers Blues Summit. Tom and Kirk Reese, from Central PA, have brought a number of their fascinating musical projects to Homegrown Music, from Celtic to jazz. This set features flutist Tom and pianist Kirk leading a bluesy-jazzy quintet giving a twist to some "standard" tunes. (Recorded 1/18/2000) Also appearing in this program is the veteran eclectic band Kings in Disguise (Recorded 3/28/2000)
      Tom Reese: flute
      Kirk Reese: piano
      Tony Marino: bass
      Glenn Farricone: drums

      Kings in Disguise:
      Tim Carbone: vocals, violin
      Buck Dilley: guitar, keyboards
      Andy Goessling: sax, woodwinds, acoustic guitar
      Jim Gilheaney: bass
      David Moore: drums

    • #311: Greg Howard/Kati Mac. Greg Howard is one of the world's leading players of the Chapman Stick, a unique ten-stringed instrument played with both hands on its fretboard. A veritable orchestra of sounds can be created, and Howard puts in a virtuosic performance. (Recorded 6/26/2001) Kati Mac is one of those performers who is often heard anonymously in a supporting role, as backing vocalist to Meat Loaf and Sting, and as a songwriter (one of her songs created for a TV daytime drama was nominated for an Emmy). She is heard in a set of her original songs, joined by a distinctive lineup of cello and "world" percussion. (Recorded 1/19/1999)
      Greg Howard: Chapman Stick
      with Mark Tomeo: steel guitar on Beatles medley

      Kati Mac: guitar, vocals
      Kevin Hupp: percussion, vocals
      Martha Colby: cello

    • #312: David Maxwell/Gunnar Madsen. David Maxwell is one of today's most acclaimed blues pianists. He has toured with Bonnie Raitt, along with blues stars from the late Freddie King to Otis Rush. He puts in an amazing solo piano performance incorporating blues, Gospel, boogie woogie that will leave you wondering how so much sound can come from one piano. (Recorded 1/18/2000) Gunnar Madsen is one of the founding members of the unique acapella group The Bobs, though in this performance Madsen accompanies himself on piano and guitar, serving up the witty, quirky and downright fascinating songs in the style that marked his work with The Bobs. (Recorded 3/30/1999)
      David Maxwell: piano

      Gunnar Madsen: guitar, piano, vocals

    • #313: Big Daddy Dex and the Groove. Hot blues and R&B from a popular Northeast PA band, with special guests. (Recorded 8/29/2000)
      Dan "Dex" Armbruster: guitar, vocals
      Chuck Musto: keyboards
      Greg Biscontini: bass
      Marko Marcinko: drums, horn arrangments
      with: Dewey Vanquez: guitar
      Doctor Montzingo: backing vocals, percussion
      Tom Hamilton: tenor sax
      Nick Driscoll: alto sax
      Jim Buckley: baritone sax
      Jonathan Searfoss: trumpet
      Gary Rixner: trombone
      Jamie Novak: percussion

      Series 2
    • #201: Mere Mortals. A great, long-running Northeastern Pennsylvania rock band, known for their sophisticated, literate original material. Three of the group's members went on to form Bent Blue (see program 404). (Recorded 5/18/1999)
      Ed Appnel: vocals
      Pat Flynn: guitar
      Mark Keisinger: bass
      Marko Marcinko: drums

    • #202: The Great Swamp Blues Band. This Poconos-area organ combo, led my kayboard man Mak Hamza lives up to its name, with infectious blues, jazz and funk. (Recorded 9/28/1999)
      Mark Hamza: organ
      Shorty Parham: drums
      Tom Hamilton: sax
      Gary Rixner: trombone

    • #203: Lorne Clarke. Canadian-born, Northeastern-Pennsylvania-based singer songwriter released a fine eponymous CD in 1999. He performed music from that CD with some of the studio musicians who appeared on the CD. (Recorded 11/16/1999)
      Lorne Clarke: acoustic guitar, vocals
      Tony Marino: acoustic bass
      Bob Williams: acoustic guitar
      George Wesley: electric guitar
      David Eisenhower: drums
      Nick Driscoll: sax

    • #204: Fourth House. An outstanding, sophisticated jazzy group with the distinctive vocals of Megan Johnson. (Recorded 7/13/1999)
      Megan Johnson: vocals, percussion
      Kyle Esposito: bass, vocals
      Kevin Ryan: guitar
      Nick Lloyd: keyboards, vocals
      Chris Lyons: drums

    • #205: Unity Group. World influenced jazz rock fusion from the Binghamton, NY area, with special guest Marko Marcinko on keyboards. (Recorded 1/19/1999). Also an piece from the Craig Thatcher Band, with blues from the Allentown area (recorded 3/25/1997).
      Unity Group Personnel:
      Robert Weinberger: sax, woodwinds, percussion
      Harris Thor: guitar
      Joseph Perkins: bass
      Jim Rosati: drums
      Joe Burton: percussion
      with Marko Marcinko: keyboards

      Craig Thatcher Band personnel:
      Craig Thatcher: guitar, vocal
      Karl Frick: organ
      Wayde Leonard: bass
      Todd Scheid: drums

    • #206: Hexbelt. Alternative rock, often with a funky beat and witty lyrics, from the Lancaster, PA area. (Recorded 6/15/1999)
      Dann Ottenmiller: guitar, lead vocals
      Mike Couch: lead guitar, backing vocals
      Nathan Erbe: bass
      Brendan McGowan: drums

    • #207: Eric Hansen. A fine acoustic singer-songwriter, with a theatrical background and a rich, warm vocal style. (Recorded 7/13/1999)
      Eric Hansen: guitar and vocal

    • #208: Dead Left. Alternative rock from an international group from New York state whose members show some of their jazz-rock background. (Recorded 10/12/1999)
      Aaron Stroessner: guitar, lead vocals
      Zeke Zima: lead guitar
      Bob Roe: bass and backing vocals
      Brian Delaney: drums

    • #209: Bottom and Howard Parker. This show features two diverse sets. Bottom supplies funky, jazzy original music from the Northeastern PA (Recorded 2/16/1999). Howard Parker and His Hot Take-Out Band features appealing, sometimes witty songs, with distinctive instrumentation. (Recorded 9/28/1999)
      Bottom Personnel:
      Rodney Godinez: drums, vocals
      Jonathan Godines: bass
      Matt Thompson: guitar
      Nick Driscoll: keyboards, sax
      Jamie Novak: percussion

      Howard Parker Personnel:
      Howard Parker: guitar, vocals
      Mark Hamza: accordion
      Milt Janeuse: percussion

    • #210: Janet Lawson. Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist in a performance recorded at a special Homegrown Music Concert at the Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA. (Recorded 4/23/1999)
      Janet Lawson: vocals
      Steve Rudolph: piano
      Paul Rostock: bass
      Glenn Davis: drums

    • #211: Tom Flannery. Prolific Northeastern Pennsylvania singer-songwriter in a nice collection of his articulate songs. (Recorded 11/16/1999)
      Tom Flannery: guitar and vocal
      John Ginty: piano

    • #212: Margo Hennebach. A fine singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice whose influences run from folk to Celtic, joined by her husband on guitar. (Recorded 5/18/1999)
      Margo Hennebach: guitar, piano, vocals
      Mark Saunders: guitar

    • #213: Bob Dorough. A jazz legend with a 50-year career, composer of many jazz standards like "Devil May Care," the only jazz vocalist ever to be invited to appear on a Miles Davis album, the creative force behind "Schoolhouse Rock" on TV, and a great swinging pianist, Bob Dorough is one of the major jazz figures to call the Poconos region home. He appears in a great collection of mostly original songs, marked by his one-of-a-kind witty, hip style. (Recorded 2/17/1998)
      Bob Dorough: piano, vocal
      Doug Smith: bass

    Series 1
    • #101: Frank Grace and the Detonators. First rate blues from a guitarist and vocalist now based in the Midwest. (Recorded 3/31/1998)

    • #102: Edison with the Weather. Sophisticated, jazzy original music from a quartet who later scaled back to a trio under the name Goodbye Girl Friday. (Recorded 7/15/1997)

    • #103: The Inheritance and Too Human. Two fine songwriting duos. The Inheritance is known for their folk and roots-rock influence. (Recorded 5/19/1998) and Too Human, a pair of spouses who have written songs for pop artists like Pat Benetar, performing on their own. (Recorded 1/20/1998)

    • #104: Paul Mark and the Van Dorens. Hot electric blues from an energetic power trio plus one. (Recorded 8/27/1996)

    • #105: Neal Casal. Acclaimed singer-songwriter in two different settings, solo (recorded 3/25/1997) and with a band (recorded 4/14/1998).

    • #106: Merrie Amsterburg and Earth to Bob. Two exceptionally fine sets with featuring outstanding original songwriting. Merrie Amsterburg thoughful original music is combined with her distinctine instrumentation. (Recorded 9/15/1997). Earth to Bob, from the Harrisburg area, were a great roots rock band known for their intelligent music and fine vocal harmonies. (Recorded 6/17/1997)

    • #107: A Gathering of Singer-Songwriters with Lorne Clarke, Tom Flannery, Kate & CJ, and George Wesley. In 1995 Producer George Graham brought together four diverse singer-songwriters (one a duo act) to exchange songs and discuss their art. Though they met for the first time at this broadcast, they have since become great friends and collaborators. This show features their returning for a joint concert. (Recorded 4/15/1997)

    • #108: Solo performances by three guitarists: Bluesman Ed Trusky (recorded 8/27/1996), folksinger Jay Smar (recorded 6/17/1997), and New Acoustic style guitarist and songwriter John Doan (recorded 5/6/1997)

    • #109: Ron Sunshine & Full Swing. Great irresistable swing and jive from one of the best contemporary bands making the music. (Recorded 5/22/1997)

    • #110: Burning Bus and Jason Timoll. Two acts from south central Pennsylvania. Burning Bus from the Lascaster area brings a distintive world-music influenced blend to their rock style. (Recorded 9/16/1997) Jason Timoll, from the Harrisburg area, is a thoughtful but energetic singer-songwriter. (Recorded 3/31/1998)

    • #111: Jeff Tarayla and Blue Muse. Two acts from New Jersey. Jeff Tarayla is a distinctive singer-songwriter who takes on a range of subjects in his songs. (Recorded 7/15/1997) Blue Muse, featuring Cathey Baier and Ernie Fortunato, started out as a jazzy duo, but have been getting more electric with time, without losing their appeal. (Recorded 1/20/1998)

    • #112: Stained Grass Window. Great bluegrass from the Williamsport, PA, area. (Recorded 7/7/1998)

    • #113: The Badlees. One of several performances this long-running, nationally known NE Pennsylvania band put in on Homegrown Music. This one was around the time of thier Up There Down Here CD. (Recorded 5/19/1998)

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